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This section replaces the Bits & Pieces portion of my old site. It will contain swatches of my writing, some old, some new, some published, some not.

To start, here is a magazine piece written in 2003 and two book chapters, both written in the 1990s. I will be posting other samples of my published work in the coming months.

My plan, however, is to devote most of this space to new, unpublished work. I have several interesting things in the hopper almost ready to go so check back when you can. At the moment my idea is to post at least some of them under a Creative Commons license.


Remembering Isaac Asimov

Written in 2000, this piece was on my old site. I've had several requests to repost it so here it is. It has never been published in print.

Pulitzers in the Sun
This piece was published in the Autumn 2003 issue of Florida Horizons magazine. The assignment was based on the curious fact that Florida claims more Pulitzer Prize winners than any other place on the planet.

The Deal with Dogs
A later version of this piece became Chapter One of Big Dogs, Little Dogs (GT Publishing, 1998), the companion volume to an A&E tv special on the history and science of the bond between humans and dogs.

Illuminating the Universe
This was the physics chapter of The Nobel Century (Chapmans, 1991), a book celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize.