The Awosting Trust

The Awosting Reserve plan calls for the creation of The Awosting Trust, a non-profit organization empowered to maintain Awosting land in its natural condition, protect ecosystems and biodiversity at The Reserve and assist in overseeing protective land covenants. The Trust will also design and manage educational programs about the natural treasures of The Awosting Reserve and the Shawangunk Ridge region.

Blueberries at  the  Reserve

The Awosting Trust will be funded by a real estate transfer assessment on the sale and resale of homesites, retreats, cottages and cabins. The Trust will manage the open space network, The Awosting Reserve Nature Center and the nature education programs. The Awosting Trust will be incorporated to hold title to a majority of the acres for conservation and recreation open space on The Awosting Reserve. These will include ecologically significant lands such as waterfalls, wetlands, streams, and promontories, and will be held in trust as community common lands for the benefit of all. In addition, The Trust will require individually owned homesites to employ generous setbacks and protective buffers to screen natural features and trail systems from lands set aside for cabins, cottages and recreational facilities.

The Trust will be an active partner with resident families on The Reserve as well as local and regional conservation organizations in the greater Hudson River Valley. It will advise on construction to minimize impacts on the general environment and The Reserve's flora and fauna. The Trust will protect watercourses, monitor setbacks and buffers, maintain trail systems of The Awosting Reserve, develop interpretive materials and conservation programs for visitors and residents, and conduct regular inventories to audit the health and condition of natural communities and sensitive habitat on The Reserve.

The Awosting Trust will offer its facilities as a center for programs on the heritage of the Hudson Valley region and the art and science of conservation. The Trust also will serve both residents and the greater community by inviting artists, writers, scientists, explorers and educators to The Reserve to share their creations, observations and insights.

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