The Awosting Reserve is located on 2,500+ privately owned acres within the towns of Gardiner, Shawangunk and Wawarsing in Ulster County, New York. The property is on the south side of the Shawangunk Ridge and includes valley land surrounding Tillson Lake. The Awosting Reserve will be sensitively designed to become a conservation community focused on environmental education, outdoor recreation and conservation. The plan was created under the direction of the Trustees of The Awosting Reserve Association, founded in 1958. The community will include sites for Adirondack style cabins, cottages and retreats, to be built by the individual property owners. Strict covenants, conditions and deed restrictions will be placed on each site to carefully control architectural design, clearing, home building and landscaping. Homes will be sited on land least sensitive to disturbance and most community facilities will be located on land that has previously been cleared.

Under the current plan, a majority of The Awosting Reserve lands will be voluntarily placed under a conservation easement. This land, including the golf course, will be used for low impact recreation and education. The non-profit Awosting Trust will oversee and manage the open space network, a nature center and environmental education programs for residents and local school groups. The Trust will be permanently funded by a real estate transfer assessment on the sale and resale of home sites, cabins, cottages and retreats. The mission of The Awosting Trust will be to maintain conservation lands and greenspace in its natural condition, protect biodiversity at the The Awosting Reserve and assist in overseeing restrictive covenants.

The Awosting Center will be the social gathering place of the community. The Center's facilities will include the nature center, a sports garden with racquet courts, a fitness center and swimming pool and a rustic style mountain lodge for community dining. The Awosting Reserve will offer miles of trails, footpaths and carriage roads for hiking, biking, cross country skiing and just plain enjoyment of nature and the unique, indigenous ecosystem. A championship golf course environmentally designed by internationally acclaimed architect Rees Jones will be located primarily on the valley lands. Much of the golf course as well as the club house will be built on and near the original site of the Tillson Lake golf course active in the early 1900's. Lands supporting the golf links will be protected as open space by a conservation easement.

The developer and residents of The Awosting Reserve will be good citizens and long-term contributors to the local community, providing nature-based education through the Awosting Trust and other community initiatives. Furthermore, it is hoped that the planning for The Awosting Reserve will serve as a model approach to planning and design in the region.

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